We know that readers today want more than just a good book. They want a connection and access to the authors they follow and enjoy. At the same time, authors have always occupied a unique place in our society and to most readers, they may seem remote and inaccessible.

Until today. With the Authors Bureau ECN, individual readers or even book clubs located anywhere in the US can have a call with an author at the conclusion of a book or book discussion. Readers can now tap into an author’s expertise or learn about the inspiration for certain characters or plot themes directly from that author. Meanwhile, by making themselves available for (paid) calls, authors can get feedback from their fans and earn supplemental revenue to support additional writing.

We hope the Authors Bureau ECN will be a tremendous resource to bridge readers and authors in a way that's mutually beneficial. Please join us on this journey and if you're a reader or participating author, welcome! Let us know how we can make this service of greater benefit to you.

Best wishes,

-- Brainsy, Inc. & the ECN Support Team