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‘Rage Less Traveled' author's journey from terror to triumph

Wilson agreed to talk with 'The Post' about her book and her life from her home in Jerusalem.

'Black Klansman' Author Ron Stallworth Talks Life Undercover at NMSU Visit Retired police officer Ron Stallworth still keeps his red membership card from the Ku Klux Klan in his wallet for show—and for

Children’s author to visit library

Karen Beaumont heading to library on March 28

Meet Grace Avalon, Author of ‘Thank God I’m Crazy’

Author Grace Avalon shares her personal story and her new book, 'Thank God I'm Crazy, My Journey To Sanity' with Bay Area Focus.

Harvard author: ‘A dangerous moment in our country’s history’

Author Daniel Ziblatt analyzes the worldwide movement toward autocracy and concludes American democracy is safe — for now.

How to Write a Book to Build Your Brand

You might have great reasons to write a book, but do you have the capabilities to execute?

Are Authors Really That Poor?

"So, you're an author. Have you written anything I've heard of?" "You're an author, so you just wear pajamas all day, right?" "You're an author, so you're rich, right?" That last question has been the bane of many authors' existence, the misperception that somehow listing a book for sale equates to a carefree lifestyle filled with champagne baths and sleeping 'til noon. The reality, especially for indie authors who have to foot most of their own upfront costs, is a lot more like ramen lunches and ten-year-old cars...

Did Satoshi Nakamoto Write This Book Excerpt? A WIRED Investigation

A mysteriously dropped manuscript and the never-ending hunt for bitcoin's inventor.

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Extensive experience in sales, sales management, business, importing, Exporting, Banking & Consulting. Currently the author of my auto-bio

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Author, editor, and speech writer.

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Author and editor of the inspirational thriller Showing Up. Eric specializes in communications through writing, editing and public speaking

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I grew up in and around construction and farming. I have a dregree in hypnosis and have several clients per week for pastlife regression

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Managing Director, Nexus Global Advisors

Business Futurist, Volatility Advocate, Sustainability Thought Leader, Corporate Strategy Expert

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Founder and CTO, Open Health Network

Data Science consultant, specializing in machine learning, big data and social media analytics

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Author, Educator, Attorney, Retried Law Enforcement

More than 30 years police experience. Fifteen years teaching at a major US University. Author of Report Writing for Police and Corrections

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