We've all sat down to enjoy a good book and perhaps it touched us. Often times those books leave us wanting more or filled us with unanswered questions. What if we could speak with the author? What if he or she could answer those questions for us? What if you were that author? What if you could directly answer the questions of your readers?

Now you can.

There is no better way to market your work than making yourself available to your fan base. You become a real person. Your fans have questions that only you can answer and you can now answer those questions one-on-one and over the phone through the Authors Bureau ECN - a personal media platform for authors.

Self-promotion is the life-blood of authors. The Authors Bureau ECN is a feature rich promotional platform and gives authors the opportunity to reach out to their fans and make connections on a personal level. While this is beneficial to established authors, it is especially critical to new authors still building a following.

While the Authors Bureau ECN enables authors and their readers to interact, that's not all it does. Have we mentioned that authors get paid? That's right, authors get paid for interacting with their fans. Promoting yourself, building your fan base and getting paid to do it. It doesn't get better than that.

Let the Authors Bureau ECN take your visibility to the next level. You've written a book, you have a growing base of fans -- let us help you reach them.

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