Here is an update to the tremendous response to my survey. #1 was DAV (by far) #2 was AMVETS #3 & #4 tied; Gary Sinise & Fisher House #5 Independence Fund Not on the list but mentioned was Team Rubicon which I recommend you all look in to.

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Brian Christie Brian Christie 12/3/2015

Hi Bill: 

Not sure if it's clear from your post but you're asking people to vote on the charity where you'll donate a portion of your royalties - and that you'll make a donation to the charity that gets the most votes whether your sell a book or not.  (Bill Morgenstein: The Crazy Life of a Kid From Brooklyn ) 

Charities under consideration include: 

1 - Amvets

2 - Disabled American Veterans (DAV)

3 - Fisher House

4 - Independence Fund

5 - Gary Sinise Foundation