As a new author or an established author, you know how it can sometimes feel like an uphill battle to get your book in front of interested readers and keep them hooked. You can spend hours upon hours looking for ways to connect with your readers and expand your reach; newsletters are a good way to stay in touch, but most people already get too much email and either don't sign up or hit the delete key without even reading.

Social media is an extremely important tool for indie authors and mainstream authors alike, and now it's gotten even better - you can communicate even more effectively with your readers (and potential readers) through the Authors Bureau ECN - a personal media platform for authors.

While the typed word on Facebook, Twitter, your blog, or any other outlet can be limited and sometimes misunderstood, the Authors Bureau ECN (Expert Calling Network) allows you, the author, to have actual conversations with your readers via paid phone calls. This helps establish a unique personal relationship between author and reader, something that is key to keeping current readers interested and forging a bond with new readers. But beyond that, it's another income stream generated from interest in your book - you set the rates you'll charge for each call, and calls can range from fifteen minutes to an hour.

So what exactly is the Authors Bureau ECN? Essentially, this revolutionary new platform serves as "a cross between a personal speakers bureau and an online marketing platform for authors." Conversations with book clubs, reading groups, or individual readers allow them to ask authors questions about their characters, settings, inspiration, or discuss talking points of the book. The possibilities are endless, as are the monetary and marketing benefits to the author.

And there's yet another aspect to the Authors Bureau ECN: the bureau's membership includes publishers and experts to whom you can turn for advice and information. Authors can reach out to publishers and other member experts in the publishing field for advice on publishing, marketing, and promoting their work.

Check out these and other features the Authors Bureau ECN offers and see how it can help your career as an author. It may just be the connection you need to establish yourself and your work in the book world.

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