Posting a new piece to WordPress is really simple; all you have to do is use the WYSIWYG editor. Uploading images, choosing categories and tags are also relatively simple. WordPress offers a variety of widgets and plugins that allow you to add just about anything you need to your blog. Most importantly WordPress is highly reliable, new and seasoned users have never had an issue with their work suddenly disappearing. The downfall to WordPress though is you will need to integrate your blog with an email service provider to allow people to subscribe to your blog via their email. WordPress isn’t considered a social network, so networking is non-existent.

Like WordPress posting in Blogger is really simple; all you have to do is use the WYSIWYG editor. Making certain customizations is pretty easy, although you do not have total control like you do in WordPress, but like WordPress the HTML/CSS is easy to access. One of the biggest problems authors find with Blogger is uploading images is not as easy as it is in other platforms. For some reason Blogger automatically resizes every image that is uploaded, so you will have to make adjustments before posting. If you plan on posting a lot you are limited to 1GB of storage, which we all how quickly it can run out. Social sharing is limited to Goggle+.

This is one of the newer blogging platforms that new authors will find highly useful, as well as easy to use. With Medium you don’t have to worry about widg