John Goetz

Author and Software Developer

Award winning author of thrillers and horrors. Raised as a ND farmer then moved to NV where I developed software for the casinos and hotels.

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By day, John P. Goetz is a hard charging, assertive, high performing professional with decades of solid, verifiable management expertise. His math and computer science training complement a love of the written word. He grew up on a farm in North Dakota then moved to Nevada in 1986 where developed software for the gaming and hospitality industry and was editor of a business and technical magazine for the industry. He now lives in Minneapolis, MN and when not working on a new novel, develops software for the retail industry.

By night, John P. Goetz is a driven writer, crafting compelling stories that grab a reader’s attention with intense, ingenious plots, and clever characters.

The disparate worlds of John P. Goetz collide in stories that are rife with realism, authority, controversy, and adventure. Audaciously original novels spotlight the author’s pervasive curiosity and his artistic eye for fascinating twists and turns that delight and captivate readers. You will be frightened. You will be moved. You will also be teased, surprised, and horrified. And, after reading just one John P. Goetz book, you will become a fan for life.

John P. Goetz’s Eat Teague thrillers are part of a smart, provocative series written to addict and intrigue the reader with twisted and compelling characters and storylines. John P. Goetz explores a world of deadly circumstances through the eyes of Eat Teague, an unassuming brainiac who is determined to prevail in his intellectual war against known and unknown evils. Upcoming novels in the Eat Teague thriller series include Eat’s Perdition and Eat’s Primordial.

John P. Goetz is the author of the novel trilogy Souls of Megiddo: The Caretakers, and upcoming releases Souls of Megiddo: the Devil’s Bible, and Souls of Megiddo: The Ring of Fire.

John’s latest work, Doorway to Your Dreams, is the recipient of a 2015 Reader’s Favorite award.

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The Protocol: A Prescription to Die
May 2015

The Protocol, A Prescription to Die, by John P. Goetz is an engaging medical and horror thriller about the power of money, and how ambition can drive evil into the lives of unsuspecting ordinary people like you and me. Aequalis Health Services Senior Vice President of Operations, Barbara Nordstrom, is responsible for the national health insurance program’s bottom line for all United States citizens. Coldly ambitious, Nordstrom develops and implements tactics to make her numbers look better by prescribing something she calls, “The Protocol” to patients who would normally require long-term and expensive care with low percentages for recovery. Her rating system ranks each patient on her spreadsheet and when the cost of care overcomes the benefit, the patient diagnosis is changed to “U,” and the patient suffers immediate death. Her henchman Carl Titmueller, is paid per patient to dispose of the body after he trolls the nursing facilities and hospitals dressed as a Physician’s Assistant prepared to administer a death injection that will take the patient off of the cost column of the profit and loss statement. The families of the deceased learn that their beloved family member has died from natural causes. If there are uncomfortable questions, Barbara Nordstrom has ties to high-level government servants in the Senate, IRS, and other convenient government agencies she uses to divert their attention. When Carl Titmueller’s activities are discovered by technology-savvy Teague, who has entrusted his mother suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease to the caregivers at the SunShine Center, a Aequalis Health Services nursing center, he follows the trail to Barbara Nordstrom, and the fight begins. This first-in-a-series of Eat Teague thrillers, is part of a smart, provocative series written to addict and intrigue the reader with twisted and compelling characters and modern storylines. John P. Goetz explores a world of deadly circumstances through the eyes of Eat Teague, an unassuming brainiac who is determined to prevail in his intellectual war against evil. Upcoming novels in the Eat Teague thriller series include Eat’s Perdition and Eat’s Primordium.

Souls of Megiddo: The Caretakers
May 2015

The Souls of Megiddo, Book 1: The Caretakers is a fast-paced, captivating, science fiction and paranormal thriller. It will transport you on a daring, historic war between good and evil. You will experience the paranormal powers used to combat Hitler and meet the secret daughter of Hitler who wants to extend her father's monstrous malign to spread destruction. In 75 BC, the last High Priest of the lost Mayan civilization created one emerald pendant representing the opposing souls of good and evil to ensure the legacy of his dying civilization. The stone was separated a millennia ago into two identical stones of Life and Pain, to be passed from generation to generation. The Stone of Pain, the Dolar Stone, has been used throughout time to cause human annihilation and to conduct heinous acts against mankind. The evil stone is in the custody of a master of maleficent who uses the soul of a criminal to spread destruction and cruelty upon the world. Whoever possesses the stone of evil understands the poisonous power of possessing both stones and plots to find and capture the twin stone to control both, maximize corruption, and destroy the universe. The Caretaker of the Stone of Life, the Vitam Stone, along with a secret society called The Patrocinium, wants to capture the evil stone and re-unite the twin stones to keep them from those who would use their separate powers for evil. The stone's power, constant danger, and lifelong responsibilities are placed upon a thoughtfully selected Caretaker who must fight for the good souls of Megiddo so they will live on for eternity, unimpeachable and pristine. The Caretaker is forever on guard, watchful, and often underestimated by sinister forces in the fight to save the brave Souls of Megiddo in this terrifying story of good against evil.

Doorway To Your Dreams
May 2015

“A thriller with a touch of the supernatural and a rock-solid pace.” Kirkus Reviews. 

“Never set him free, Tim. Never let him gain control. You’ll be lost forever.” Those were the last words that flashed in helicopter pilot, Tim “Spooncake” McAllister ‘s mind before he lost consciousness in the jungles of Vietnam. 

Now he lies floating in a sensory deprivation tank located on Plum Island off the coast of New York. 

Wires connect his brain to a computer outside of the tank and signal his sub-conscious to transform into a human weapon of mass destruction. 

Tim is now an unwitting cog in the wheels of Operation Traumland, the brainchild of Oban DeCarlo, a scientist whose dream is to create an army of remote killing machines, men whose subconscious has been hijacked. 

Can anything save him?

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