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Who is your typical client and what does a typical advisory role engagement look like?

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Eric Lowitt
Eric Lowitt  replied:

I work with senior executives of companies as large as $50B in revenue (global food and beverage company) to companies as small as $20M in revenue (insect repellent company). Typically a CEO or senior executive brings me in to envision the company's future on its current path and what that future could look like on different paths. Then we choose the desired future path, assess the company's (including the executive's) assets and abilities to forecast the changes needed to make that future a reality, and finally we develop an execution plan accordingly. The 'future path' conversation can be of varying scope, from a focus on corporate sustainability to the overall strategic direction of the company. Where appropriate, I stay engaged with the senior executive through execution of our plan so I can be held accountable not just for the clarity of the vision but also the foresight of roadblocks in the completion of the plan.