• Craig Daliessio
    Craig Daliessio answered 11/18/2021

    Do you believe in the philosophy of "never give up" or does it sometimes make sense to abandon a goal?

    I think if you set a reasonable goal and thought it out, there should never be a reason to give up short of some sort of catastrophe. If you had a health issue that rendered a goal impossible, then of course you'd reconsider that goal. but hardship alone...never a reason. Edison failed 29,000 times ... more

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  • Sherry Frazier
    Sherry Frazier answered 12/18/2019

    What the most common mistake made by authors who want to DIY publicity?

    Authors who want to do their own publicity should work hard on a pitch, introduction, author bio, backgrounder which includes a short synopsis of the book, questions and answers and website. Have jpeg of your book cover, link to purchase your book and author headshot ready to send to the producer (t... more

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  • C. R. "Chuck" Downing
    C. R. "Chuck" Downing answered 12/17/2019

    Elon Musk wants to terraform and colonize Mars. With advancing technology, would it be possible for humans to colonize the moon?




    I don't think so.

    Without an atmosphere, terraformation would have to end with anaerobic “organisms” capable of withstanding heat and/or cold extremes that humans cannot survive in without EXTENSIVE body coverings. Any moon colony, even if it occupied space beneath the moo... more

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  • C. R. "Chuck" Downing
    C. R. "Chuck" Downing answered 3/28/2019

    Any predictions on who might win the private space race when it comes to Blue origin vs Spacex?

    Your question is a good one. It is, however, my comfortable area of expertise. So, I contacted

    Mark Baker

    President, Temecula Valley Astronomers
    Solar System Ambassador, NASA / JPL
    Docent, CalTech Palomar Observatory

    This is his answer.

    So, the question was which private firm will win the Sp... more

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  • Eric West
    Eric West answered 1/29/2017

    What is the most common thing that drives people to climb Mt. Everest?

    I imagine you've met a lot of interesting people during you treks up the mountains. Was there a common theme among the people you met? What is the most common thing that drives people to climb Mt. Everest? Or was it different for everyone? 

    ... more
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