Richard Williams

Publisher and Editor-in-Chief at Xenophon Press

Expertise in equestrian publishing industry including marketing, translation, editing, publishing, author development, design & distribution

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Richard's experience comes from a 40 year back ground in the classical art of dressage, 30 years of design, 25 years of editing and publishing, 12 years of on-line marketing. A highly-sought after dressage instructor, trainer and mentor, he has edited equestrian books for over 25 years. As editor-in-chief of Xenophon Press and Rolling Olive Press he directs the acquisition, editing, marketing, global distribution of both equestrian media and non-equestrian niche market publications. His vast online selling and marketing experience are great assest. 


Publisher and Editor-in-Chief

Xenophon Press
January - January

On-line marketer

Being Well at Hillcrest
March 2005 - present


California College of the Arts

Bachelor's Degree
1982 - 1986

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Architecture with a minor in Art History.



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