Gregg Gibbs

Author, Educator, Attorney, Retried Law Enforcement

More than 30 years police experience. Fifteen years teaching at a major US University. Author of Report Writing for Police and Corrections

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Patrol Operations SWAT Police Administration Criminal Law/Defense The university teaching experience Police investigations First Responders


With more than 30 years experience in law enforcement, 20 years as a member of the California Bar and 15 years as a professor of constitutional and criminal law Gregg Gibbs provides a wealth of knowledge in a wide variety of subjects. As a law enforcement officer he has worked in every major capacity in the department from patrol, detectives, field training and administration. Gibbs has written policy for his department, trained new officers, investigated crimes and supervised officers. In addition to local law enforcement Gibbs has expereince working with federal law enforcement. He has extenisvie expereince as a first responder and supervisor. Gibbs retired from law enforcement in 2010.

Gibbs attained his law degree and passed the bar while working as a full time police officer while raising his two boys. Once he passed the bar he began his own small law firm taking cases primarliy in commercial landlord tenant disputes. Currently, Gibbs' law practice deals with criminal defense.

Among the opportunities Gibbs found upon completion of his education was an adjunct professor position at California State University, Long Beach. Gibbs also teaches Constitutional Law at Arizona State University in their online program. His academic career saw Gibbs travel to China where he presented at the Shandong Police University as well as the First World Congress on Forensics. 

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