C. R. "Chuck" Downing

Retired Professional Educator

Award-winning Science Fiction Author. 39 yr science teaching veteran-high school & university. Presidential Awardee for Teaching Excellence

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Award-winning Science Fiction Author.  39-year science teaching veteran at high school and university level. Winner of Presidential Award for Excellence (in teaching) (1993). 

Expertise in Advanced Placement Biology, Anatomy and Physiology. Played football and baseball into college and coached football, baseball, track/field and soccer at the high school level.

Experience working in biotech lab and developed DNA/Enzyme kits for student use. 

Integrated Science Expert: Earth and Space Science Chemistry, and Introductory Physics Concepts. 

Expert at explaining advanced science concepts for non-scientists and converting confusing steps in directions into clearly understood verbiage.  Created over 20 lab activities, creative assignments, and critical thinking tasks for students from Grades 2 through Graduate school. 

Strong Christian life view. Knowledgeable in Wesleyan theological concepts. Produced study guides for several books in the Bible.  

Personal NICU experience and lessons learned for families and friends of premature babies.

Experience with injuries to leg muscles, ankles, and back. Surgeries for repairing torn muscles, broken nose, and spinal fusion.


High School Science Teacher

Monte Vista High School
June 1973 - June 1996

Teacher of biology, advanced placement biology, anatomy and physiology, integrated science. Author of four integrated science textbooks. Science Department Chair. Coached varsity football, baseball, soccer and track and field.

San Diego County Teacher of the Year (1985).

Presidential Awardee for Excellence in Science Teaching (1993). Earned PhD in Education in 1996.

Professor or Education

Point Loma Nazarene University
June 1996 - June 2004

Taught a variety of education courses; introduction, methods, assessment, curriculum development. Taught at least one general education biology lab each semester and was the teacher of record for lecture and lab for that class two semester. Chair of the Teacher Education Department. Director of Teacher Education.

Science Teacher

Great Oak High School
June 2004 - June 2012

Taught integrated science, biology, advanced placement biology. Support provider for new teachers. On the curriculum development committee for the integrated science course.


Monte Vista High School

High School
1964 - 1968

Co-valedictorian in 1968. Lettered in baseball and football. 

San Diego State University

Bachelor's Degree
1969 - 1973

B.S. in Biology. Minor in History. Graduated with High Honors and Distinction in Biology

Played varsity baseball two seasons.

University of Redlands

Master's Degree
1978 - 1979

Master of Arts in Education. Thesis compared student learning from self-produced lab activities to published lab activities.

Walden University

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)
1995 - 1996

PhD in Education. Dissertation received a commendation for excellence.



Traveler's HOT L - The Time Traveler's Resort
Koehler Books
March 2014

Traveler’s HOT L - The Time Traveler’s Resort

©2014 Koehler Books

The first eight award-winning accounts of time travel and its results


Traveler's HOT L is the first of eight published books. Other titles:

Traveler’s HOT L Volume Two - New Tales from the Time Traveler’s Resort

©2014 Time After Time Publishing

Seven more accounts of time travel and its sometimes unexpected results.


RIFTS - A Science Fiction Thriller

©2014 Clurn Publishing

An epic tale of alien intrigue and invasion


The Observers - A Science Fiction Odyssey

©2014 Koehler Books

Follow two bumbling operatives on four unforgettable missions


The Mixer Murder - A Mamba Mystery Volume 1

©2015 Mamba Mystery Press

A chronicle of four cases by private investigator Phil "Dancer" Mamba. The last case is this book is a "you solve it" story with evidence-including fingerprints-included



Tune Up Your Teaching and Turn On Student Learning - Move from Common to Transformed Teaching

and Learning in Your Classroom

©2015 Morgan James Publishing

Strategies and examples for changing the way learning takes place. For Teachers, Parents, and Administrators


Idea Farming – A Science Guy’s Read on Writing – Volume 1

©2015 CRD Publishing

A discussion of the best ways to grow a bumper crop of short stories, novellas, anthologies, and novels grown in an analogy of writing as farming.


Book Creation – A Science Guy’s Exploration of Publishing Resources – Volume 2

©2015 CRD Publishing

What you’ll find in these pages is how production of a physical—or electronic—book is significantly different from the process of writing the story that fills those pages or bytes.


Premature Grandpa – A Science Guy’s Experience in NICU with His Granddaughter

©2015 CRD Publishing

The story of Hadley Marie Downing’s 60 days in NICU intermixed with commentary from one and two years later. Also included are lessons learned, advice for helping others in this situation, and a glossary of NICU terms.






Greeter and Life Group Leader

Mission Church of the Nazarene
March 1993 - present

I am part of out church Front Line ministry, which welcomes attendees to church each week. I also lead an adult Life Group on Sunday mornings in exploring Scripture or books like Mere Christianity by C. S. Lewis and The Jesus I Never Knew by Philip Yancy

3/28/2019 4:31:39 PM,
C. R. "Chuck" Downing replied:

Your question is a good one. It is, however, my comfortable area of expertise. So, I contacted

Mark Baker

President, Temecula Valley Astronomers
Solar System Ambassador, NASA / JPL
Docent, CalTech Palomar Observatory

This is his answer.

So, the question was which private firm will win the Space Race?? So as posed, IF the SLS cannot support a Lunar landing by 2024, I feel SpaceX is in the best position to step in and assume the driver's seat. But this is just the first leg of a long and involved relay race...

I lean more to a collaboration of several private and government entities for the general race. Many private groups are focusing on integral parts of the endeavor, not the whole “enchilada”...in addition to Blue Origin and SpaceX, there are such companies as ULA, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and Virgin Galactic with their hats in the ring domestically. 
However, you can’t discount any of the Chinese private enterprises such as iSpace, Landspace, OneSpace, etc. They do some orbital work but have already gone around and to the Moon with several missions!!!
India is in the race as well with their internal collaboration, ISRO, which you never hear about because they are quietly successful, but may be the first to return men to the Moon...
Israel has a non-profit Corp, SpaceIL, that has become aggressive of late and has a Lander on its way to the Moon...

The entity to dominate Space will more than likely be the one to develop the next evolution in propulsion that doesn’t involve the Neanderthal mindset of burning stuff...SpaceX and Blue Origin are both leading in this arena and their concept of reusability gives them a head start on expanding into the rest of the Solar System.

Insider note...NASA technologically is developing a drive system that has a million mile an hour capability. But it requires an orbital presence both around the Earth and the Moon, which Gateway will provide in the next decade!!!

Bottom line...the winner of the Space Race will be humanity regardless of who or what gets us there!!! But is Space ready for humanity...??!!!

 Chuck again.

I have the utmost confidence in Mark. I've known him for years, and he did an outstanding job of blending fact and opinion. I'd take this answer to the bank.

Thanks for using Authors Bureau ECN.

All the best.

1/24/2017 4:18:56 PM,
C. R. "Chuck" Downing replied:
Possibly Venus, although the atmospheric obstacles there--high heat, composition--will be more difficult to overcome than Mars. Until there is a plausible theory for interstellar travel, we humans are locked in our own local system. Since the only rock planets are the four closest to our sun, we're limited in landing options.

I suppose a mission to one of Jupiter's moons is on the table somewhere. The problem with that is how to launch a ship that's landed on a moon of Jupiter. In my opinion, Jupiter's gravity knocks the idea into the fantasy realm.