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What are the most practical uses for hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy seems to be the stuff of science fiction or television series (e.g Marvel's Agents of Shield). What are the most practical uses whereby someone should consider hypnotherapy?  

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Jaye C Blakemore
Jaye C Blakemore  replied:

Conquer Phobia - It is not uncommon to have people with underlying fear. Fear of any kind may manifest into everyday altering problems.


Skill Mastering – several things can alter your everyday skills. Staying focused, being aware of time management, creativity, or possible problems with procrastination.

These are just some but the most predominate Skill Mastering problems.


Heal Mind/Body Conditions – this area is anything from weight loss/weight gain, someone going into or just had surgery, smoking, lack of exercise or for some it may be an over obsession with any healthy situation. The human mind can do some of the most miraculous things to heal.


Accomplish Goals – There are some people that can set very realistic goals, whether it is career, family, hobbies, work ect….. The goals to some would appear to be very easy to achieve and yet some are unable to accomplish.


Self Esteem – This is such a large area and so many effected with self-esteem issues. The wide scope of people with self-esteem issues can be anywhere form someone that appears to be lazy to a workaholic. This area can also include a big one anger management.