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How does teaching a course compare to writing a book about entrepreneur?

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Ray Garcia
Ray Garcia  replied:

The book was written only after years of being an entrepreneur and then spending time to learn how to teach it to others.  The course I taught was usual, not a traditional format for an MBA program, it was wholly action oriented.  I did not think of it as a course nor did I teach the students as such, I managed it as a period of activity to create viable businesses and that was the measure of success.  I required the young entrepreneurs to come up with business concepts and then attempt to make them real in the short time frame.  What this does is force the experience of rapid failure and the experience of perseverance.  Something that the young entrepreneurs were resistance to given the difficulty of having such a painful experience.  The failures were simulated, in the context of the course but to the students it felt real.  The book "Startup SOAR Coaching" captures the methods and tactics I used in this teaching style.

Entrepreneurship must be put into action.  It is a long journey of having an economic life.


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